Monday, August 25, 2008

Cheap and High Quality Dog Products

As you probably might have thought, there are several web sites around that sell dog products that you need in order to take good care of your pet. After doing some research we stopped on one that only offers the best when talking about dog products. Happy Tail Spa is this site and here you can find various products that will make your caring a lot easier. The products are carefully chosen and tested by dog lovers and everything is kept in control at all times. This basically means that you can be sure that the dog products offered are of the highest quality possible. All you have to do is create an account and then shop for what you need. This site offers a large selection of Dog Shampoo, conditioners, breath sprays, spa products, gifts and more. You will also find specialized dog products aimed to aid you in facing dog health problems that can appear including dog itchy skin, tearstain control, bad odor, joint problems and more. Make sure that you pay a visit to the Happy Tail Spa so that you can purchase the best products possible in the categories they promote. You will only find professional products and look out for possible discounts and even wholesale offers you will love. Dog products free samples are also available.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Start Training a Dog for Agility

A lot of dog owners want to learn how to start training a dog for agility and they should know that, although easy, it is also difficult at the same time. The dog sport of agility is a real tough competition. The pet needs to navigate through a preset obstacle course in a given pattern, without errors or with as few as possible while also obtaining the best possible time. It is not at all easy for the dog to participate in such competitions and although we recommend learning from a specialist dog trainer, here are some basic tips on how to start training a dog for agility competitions.

Some dog breeds are easier to train than others. Also, some dogs are easier to train than other dogs in the same breed. This basically means that you need patience and this is your first tip on how to start training a dog for agility: having patience while also paying attention to the well being of your dog. The truth is most dogs will need a lot of training before actually competing and a typical starting class is formed of around 6 to 7 weeks of the dog being introduced to every single obstacle that is to be faced in an individual manner. Only after this stage it is recommended to combine obstacles in series of 2 or 3.

When thinking about how to start training a dog for agility you will need to focus on the rate at which the dog advances in training. Keep in mind that group classes are not recommended, exactly due to the various speed of learning that each dog has. A dog that has natural talent might be ready for competition even after a basic agility class course.

Praises and treats are 2 of the most effective ways to start training your dog for agility competitions. Treats are useful to draw the dog through the obstacles and hanged in contact places that are to be touched during competitions in various points chosen. You must always remember that the owner and the dog must work close and together and the order and positioning of the obstacles does vary from one competition to the other. The handler needs to study the course ahead and use various visual and verbal cues during the obstacle course in order for the dog to obtain instructions on what to do. Learn how to start training a dog for agility properly by talking to specialists or purchasing books if you do not feel you are ready to do so. Also, read our other Dog Agility Training article and always stay informed when deciding to train your dog alone.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cavalier King Charles Dog Breed

The Cavalier King Charles dog breed can be characterized as a small Spaniel that is highly popular among pet owners and even breeders. It is just 30 cm high and weighs around 5 to 8 kg but any Cavalier King Charles owner will tell you that although small in size we are talking about a dog that is big in heart. In fact, this dog breed is one that is perfect for any individual that gets attached to pets as he/she will get attached to you as well. It can easily be trained and is known to be intelligent. The only thing that the Cavalier King Charles really hate is not having contact with humans or other pets during the day as this does make him/her sad so do not leave your small dog alone.

The Cavalier King Charles has its origins in hunting dogs. This basically means that the pet will love to run in the wild. We recommend holding him in a leash at all times when going for walks and you might want to know that some individuals will use the breed for hunting trips. Cavalier King Charles is characterized by four silky coating colours: tan with black, Blenheim, three coloured or ruby. This dog breed is also easy to spot due to a long tail and ears and a muzzle of conical shape combined with a flat skull.

Cavalier King Charles is a dog breed that is prone to develop some health problems. You should pay attention to back problems, infections around the eyes and ears, syringomelia and hearing problems. Pay attention to the pet’s weight as he/she will immediately put on pounds if you feed the dog too much and there is a necessity of exercise. We recommend that the owner owns a yard although it is not compulsory for it to be big. The life expectancy of the Cavalier King Charles is between 9 and 14 years and all depends on the evolution of its health.

Keep in mind that you must be ready to care for your Cavalier King Charles, just as you would with a child. He will not be happy if you do not pay enough attention and ever since this dog breed appeared there has been a very strong connection between the pet and the owner. We are talking about a very beautiful dog that looks at everyone as a friend and is very gentle.

How to Remove a Tick

Contrary to popular belief, removing a tick from your dog is not easy but it is also not at all complicated. All you really need to have is attention and care and follow the advice we are going to give you. Ticks should be removed with special tick removal instruments or with a pair of fine tipped tweezers. This is because they will allow you to remove the tick from your dog without squeezing its body. It is highly important to avoid this because you do not want the tick's body to be crushed and have harmful bacteria enter in your dog's bloodstream, thus leading to huge complications.

First off you will need to grab the tick by its head or mouth parts. Do not do this on the body and without jerking just pull steadily and firmly exactly outwards. Never twist the tick while you are pulling it out of your dog's skin. Remember that popular methods of making the tick back out like a hot match, alcohol or petroleum jelly is not recommended as it will not aid in making it back out and can even lead towards it depositing even more saliva in the already existing wound. When you take it out just put it in alcohol in order to kill it. Ticks to not die if you flush them down the toilet! Use a disinfectant to clean the bite wound and then apply a small amount of antibiotic ointment to soothe the effects of the tick on your dog. Never forget to wash your hands and do not use your fingers to dispose of the tick and do not squash it. The contents inside it can transmit disease.

If the tick is removed you might notice in some cases that a skin reaction appears. It is not uncommon and a little hydrocortisone spray will fix this problem. The only problem is that it might take up to one week or even more for your dog to completely heal and the tick bite might even leave a permanent scar or hairless region because of a reaction to tick saliva.

Is Your Dog Allergic to Flea Bites?

Studies have shown that there are around 15 antigens in the saliva of any flea. Any one of those can cause an allergic response to any sensitive dog out there. It does not really matter if flea control is a lot easier nowadays since flea bite allergies can still be a huge problem for any dog owner. To make it even worse, as soon as your dog develops one allergy you will have to fight it over and over again as he/she will always be allergic.

All dogs that have flea allergies will scratch frequently and bite themselves at the base of their tails. You might also notice a thinning or loss of hair right above the base of the tail. Look out for flea dirt or even fleas on your pet. If moistened the flea dirt will turn into a red color when dissolving due to it being mostly digested blood. This is how you can recognize flea dirt and keep in mind that dogs that are severely affected might even itch over their entire bodies, show hair loss and red inflamed skin. Most hot spots are actually a result of flea bite allergies.

Keep in mind everything noted above and you clearly realize that the diagnosis of dog allergy caused by flea bites is possible through the presence of fleas, the visual signs mentioned or through intradermal skin testing. The good news is that flea bite allergies are not so difficult to take care of. The best solution would be to avoid the fleas getting in contact with your dog. This means that you should always use a tick and flea shampoo and make sure that you also have at hand products that will help your pooch to soothe irritated, itchy skin. Monthly treatments are also available.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Akita Dog Breed Facts

The Akita dog breed is characterized as a very devoted and dignified race. It is quite powerful and protective and is perfect as a watchdog. The dog's temperament is independent and even strong willed although training is possible even if a little difficult. We are talking about a dog that loves to play in a colder climate even if his exercise needs are not that high. Akita dogs sometimes can be aggressive towards other dogs and smaller animals. The good news is that this dog breed is usually perfect with children inside a house. Keep in mind that they can become protective if other children are around and strangers approach the kid. Akita dogs can be difficult to train and due to its headstrong personality we recommend that you only take one in if you have some experience as a dog owner. It is not a cuddly dog but is loyal and can become destructive if he gets bored.

Talking about how the Akita Dog looks like you need to know that it comes at a height between 24 nd 28 inches and weighs around 80 pounds. Akita has a straight and harsh coat combined with a denser undercoat. Several colors are available including white, silver, brindle, red and fawn. Blazes or masks are sometimes present although not characteristic for all Akita dogs. There is not a need for for constant grooming although weekly care is recommended and the dog can be quite a heavy seasonal shedder. If you have allergies you should look after another dog breed. Grooming the Akita dog needs to be done once per week so that the coating stays of high quality. Extra grooming is recommended during the seasonal shedding moments mentioned above.

Akita dogs should live around 10 to 13 years and as any dog breed it can have some health problems that you should look out for. We can basically talk about cancer, lupus, thyroid related problems, luxating patella, skin conditions, autoimmune problems, vWD and PRA.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Empire Today Carpets

When one has a puppy or any kind of dog for that matter, he/she understands how important it is to have good carpeting. This is exactly the case at hand now and you will want to have as many high quality choices as possible when dealing with a company that aims towards selling you carpeting for any room in your home. When it comes to online web sites that deal with any type of carpet we need to refer to Empire Today. We are talking about one company that has over 1 million satisfied customers on the list and an experience of no less than 45 years, which is quite a lot in this industry. To make it even better, Empire Today deals with customer care in more than 50 important metropolitan regions in Canada and US. All of these facts combined with high quality products and accessible prices make it hard to resist when talking about choosing their services.

Empire Today deals with carpets, wood flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, window treatments and bath & shower liners. They also provide installation services, customer services and a high quality information center that is available on their official web site. Make sure you take them into consideration when you want to change your flooring and you will not be unsatisfied with your decision.

Make sure you check out the Empire Today Bath Stories and the Empire Today Commercials featured on Youtube for easy viewing and accessibility for anyone that has an Internet connection. Here is one commercial example right here:

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