Saturday, July 19, 2008

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Info

The Afghan Hound can be described as a sighthound with an aristocratic bearing. It stands in as a slender and tall dog with a refined, narrow, long head, strong jaws and silky topknot together with a prominent occiput. This breed is characterized by a black nose and a slightly convex muzzle. Its eyes are almond shaped and dark and its ears come flat on the head. Afghan Hounds have strong, long necks and prominent hipbones. The legs are also strong and straight. This breed's coating is silky, rich and long and the color that is characteristic is sand with darker ear fringes and face, although any color is allowed except white markings.

Afghan Hound Temperament

The Afghan Hound dog breed is characterized as being loyal, sensitive, affectionate, a little aloof and with low dominance level. Afghan Hound dog training needs to be kind. We are basically talking about an elegant, noble and courageus dog that is not hostile towards strangers but is suspicious of them. This dog breed requires attention and will handle itself well with considerate, older kids. We recommend that you pay attention to proper training because the Afghan Hound can be disobedient if not trained well and it is a dog breed that is hard to housebreak. Variations in temperament are also possible as some dogs are timid and high strung if not receiving enough exercise while others not.

Health Problems and Living Conditions

The Afghan Hound dog breed is renowned as a healthy one with a low pain tolerance. This basically means that it will suffer even at a minor injury. We do not recommend the dog for apartment life as indoor environments make the dog uneasy and they will not be active. This dog breed is happy to sleep indoors but should live outdoors.

Afghan Hound Grooming

The Afghan Hound's thick, long coat immediately brings in the need of constant attention. The dog needs to have a bath at least once per week and it is not recommended for you to brush in-between boats. This is done in order to keep the coat shiny and loang and brushing a dry coat will damage it easily. Some owners will not go for weekly baths as the dog is just a pet and not for showing. This will make its coat less matted. The Afghan Hound is an average shedder.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Havachon Dog Breed Info

The Havachon dog breed is not a purebred as it is a cross between the Havanese and the Bichon Frise. As with any mixed breed you will need to learn about both the Bichon Frise and the Havanese if you are looking to see the temperament of the Havachon due to the fact that any mix in characteristics can appear. The American Canine Hybrid Club does recognize the Havachon mixed dog breed. A lot of dog breeders are breeding multi generation crosses and not all designer Havachon hybrid dogs are currently bred at a 50 to 50 percent purebred rate.

A lot of individuals consider hybrid dogs healthier because of the gene pool mix and this is the case with the Havachon as well. Most breeders are thinking about the heteroses effect combined with hybrid vigor. Other breeders will disagree with this because there is a focus on the genetic defects that can be transmitted from one generation to the other. No matter the case, the dog is important here and the Havachon is definitely a delightful small dog breed that is full of live and love to give to its masters.