Sunday, December 7, 2008

Campeiro Bulldog - Brazilian Bulldog Dog Breed

The Campeiro Bulldog dog breed (also known as Brazilian Bulldog) first appeared round the 16th Century. We are talking about a rare dog breed that was very popular in Brazil, especially in cattle raising. These dogs were used to actually capture wild or lost cattle.

The Brazilian Bulldog is very powerful and has a very strong constitution. He is agile and has a lot more strength than you might think. We are talking about a courageous dog that is really loyal and quite docile with your family. The Campeiro Bulldog is well known for its calmness and jealousy when thinking about the owner. The good news is that he is also submissive and you will not have temperament problems if he knows who the boss is.

This dog breed's coating is short and flat while featuring medium texture. Every single color is allowed by the dog kennel of choice. Even completely white dogs have been bred along the years. There is nor report to a full black one though.

Remember that the Campeiro Bulldog is rustic and does not really have a lot of common health problems. We are really talking about a breed that is strong and you should know that he is perfect for a company dog, even an apartment dog.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aidi Dog Breed Facts

The Aidi Dog Breed (also known as Atlas Mountain Dog and Atlas Sheepdog) is well known as a rare dog breed that originated from Morocco. An Aidi dog usually weighs around 23 kg and has a height between 52 and 62 centimeters. Coating color can vary. Different variations are accepted but what you should know is that this dog is definitely strong and comes with a very good smell sense. It is very muscled, hardy and quite solid. It hair is harsh, bushy and thick. It is 6 cm long with the exception of the ears and face.

Aidi Dog Breed Temperament

The Aidi dog is very affectionate and faithful. Keep in mind that he is quite protective when thinking about family and is always alert in the event something dangerous appears. This dog is curious and sensitve while also being quite fearless. You will be happy to learn that you will easily train him but you will also have to give him proper attention. The Aidi dog is well known to become aggressive or shy if not handled right.

Aidi Dog Breed Facts

This dog breed first appeared with the purpose of protecting and guarding flocks, possessions and livestock. It is quit perfect for hunting, being a watchdog and live in harsh temperature environments. You do not want to keep him locked in a house all day long. The Aidi dog is not recommended around kids.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Affenpinscher Dog Breed Facts

The Affenpinscher dog breed is well known for its harsh and shaggy coating. Its coat is special as the hair on the face is actually longer than in any area of the dog’s body. The first record of the Affenpinscher appeared in the 17th century. Ever since that day there have been many differences in the breed and now it comes with a black fur and in rare occasions with dark grey fur. The rear and the tail of the dog will show hair that is 1 inch longer. Talking about the eyes, you should know that they are always black.

Affenpinscher Dog Temperament

This particular dog breed has similarities with the terrier when thinking about its personality. The Affenpinscher is very lovable and playful. It is also very protective and he will not hesitate to bark and even bite if his owner is in any kind of danger. You need to also take into account the fact that the Affenpinscher dog is well known to be highly protective when talking about toys and food. He also loves to move around and hike but does not need too much activity. In most cases the breed will get enough exercise if you just play with the dog in the comfort of your own home.

Affenpinscher Dog Grooming

This dog breed is not that easy to groom. You need to pay special attention to his coat and wash him when needed. Extra hair needs to be cut and every single week you will have to comb and brush the dog. The good news is that there are many Affenpinscher dog breed grooming guides available on the Internet.

Affenpinscher Dog Care

The Affenpinscher dog is well known to be highly susceptible when faced with warmth. Any hot environment will basically damage his coating and you surely do not want this to happen. This dog will surely start feeling bad if he is neglected and he will eventually eat a lot less. Show him that you do love him as lack of attention is a huge problem. You should also remember that this breed is known to suffer from some respiratory problems. The good news is that this usually happens only when the weather is too hot.