Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dog allergies

Like humans, our sweet companions have reactions to certain substances making their life a bit difficult. Your dog doesn’t understand the fact that he is allergic to something or more than that, to avoid what makes his ill. It’s up to you to help him and give him a better combination of food, one that doesn’t make him allergic or in some cases clear the air.

Allergies in dogs are present as itching, making your pet to scratch and even bite himself to get relief. In powerful allergies dogs will deteriorate his fur and so will have places where he is bold. Aside from the aspect, his health is deteriorating as well because he feels uncomfortable and his desire to play and run around will be replaced with the constant itching.

Treating these allergies depends on what kind of dogs they are. Generally warm and frequent baths can do the trick and clear the dog’s skin of those particles that make him itch. Use shampoo with that contains eucalyptus and aloe Vera to calm it down. Natural cures are better than chemical ones because he can get rashes from these. You can give your dog medicines prescribed by the vet – they usually work – but not a lot because liver problems will appear. That is not an option!

Some dogs tend to have allergies from pollen, mold or household dust. Frequent vacuuming and dusting where the dog stays usually is a good option to help him. Other canines have allergy to flea saliva causing a lot of itching. The best solution is getting rid of those pests - grooming and a lot of bath will do the trick. It’s also safer for you and your family to have a flea free house. They can also cause you discomfort or some illnesses.

If it’s about the food he is eating, try different types of food that contain various substances and then wait for each a few days and see your dog’s reaction. When he will itch some types of dog food, eliminate it and try something else. After a while you will sure find what he is not allergic, try to feed him only that to help him be healthy.

Your dog will be more joyful and glad to get rid of that nasty itching! Taking care of your companion is not only a responsibility to him, but to you too because your dog is an important source of love in your home!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shy Dogs

The problem with shy dogs is that in time, their depression turns into aggressiveness. It would be a shame to let this joyful animal become anti-social. It’s up to you to help him get shyness out of his system, to prevent aggressiveness and make him become the wonderful pet he is able to be!

Shy behavior can be recognized by simply looking at your dog: ears laid back, starring eyes, tail down between the legs and of course avoiding strangers. What is the cause of being shy? Well, unfortunally most people think that it’s because of the dogs being abused but studies show that these cases represent only a small part of the number of k9s that suffer from shyness. Most of the cases of shy dogs are caused by genetics or learning a shy behavior from their parents.

The good news is that this behavior can be treated, with hard work from you. You must put a lot of time and patience for your dog and his health. There are many programs that you can apply. One of the most effective is one that involves another friend. Go in the room where the dog is most used to and let your friend sit down next to the dog, but not very close to him, and put in his hand a treat for the pet. The friend has to not have direct eye contact with dog during holding the treat. He will eventually take the food and surely step back a little. He will know that your friend can give him something good and will have faith in him.

Put another treat in your friend’s hand and only after the dog has taken the food and touched his hand, your friend can make eye contact. In all this time you must be present in the room to give your companion a secure feeling but don’t take him in your arms if he shows insecurity. Do this program with other friends of all ages and genders so that the dog will become more used to being next to apparently strangers. Reward your dog for every small good step, because his overcoming of shyness is a long process.

Make time for your dog to help him be healthier because only then the joy can really spark in your home!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dog safety for children

Having a pet is most of the times a joy and everyone in the house should act like this. Those who usually don’t know how to behave when in front of a dog are small children. This is where you come in and teach them what to do.

Teach your child to be gentle with the family dog because this will be one of the lessons that will set his personality for all of his life. If he loves animals and learns how to behave, the child will also be kind with other people when getting to know them. You may want to try first with a toy, because your dog’s feelings could get hurt if you practice on him and the child is rough at first. Teach him to be gentle and strike the toy animal nicely, and not to pull his fur, ears or tail – as children often do with animals at first.

When your child becomes fond of playing with the little furry friend, arrange an encounter with the family dog. Let this action be a smooth one by not rushing both of them. Let the dog to approach the child gently and sniff him, to get used to his new smell. This often leads to the dog’s feeling of safety and will act friendly with the child. Usually at this point the two of them would get along well because the child already knows not to hurt the animal and play nice with it, and at the same time, the dog will be kind to the kid.

As time will pass, the two of them will get more and more closer because the bond between a dog and a child is stronger than with an adult, children tend to be more loving and in their seek to have a best friend, they find in the family dog the most loyal being.

Let your child learn one of most valuable lessons of his life: to be kind and gentle to animals. This will give our society a kinder person and maybe by educating out offsrings to be animal lovers, there will be eventually no more people that hurt animals. It’s nice to see a boy with his dog isn’t it? Well… give him the chance to do so and teach him dog safety!

Can I keep the stray dog?

Most of the times it’s your child who comes home holding a bag of fur and eventually full of fleas. It’s not only the dog that will give you puppy eyes, begging for the animal to stay and be a member of the family. You are thus put in a difficult position of taking a hard decision. What should you do?

First of all think that the dog can be a runaway and some other kid is looking for his best friend. So make some posters and put them over the neighborhood, because he shouldn’t come from too far. Wait for someone to claim him, so that you don’t take someone else’s pet. If you make a phone call, explain to your child that it’s better for the dog to be with his first master, because otherwise he will suffer and no one wants a crying pet.

If nobody claims the dog, you can now decide of you want to keep him or not. It’s not a matter if you love animals but more of how will he be taken care of. Who will be the main caregiver? If it’s your child – most kids want to take care of their pets because they consider them more as best friends – think about what he knows about being a caregiver to a dog. Teach him what a dog needs - besides love: he needs to be fed and give water regularly, exercise and going to the vet. When I say exercise, I don’t mean only playing, but also walking him, playing Frisbee or even taking him to agility courses if you have the financial means. Exercise is necessary for his health, so don’t ignore it when you don’t have the time!

Taking in a stray dog means besides having one more family member. It means more responsibility, more money spent and time too. Before taking this decision, you should think about if he has an illness so take him as soon as possible to a vet to make the necessary tests and give him a shot. Besides all these things you should now be glad of your new companion, don’t think of him as extra costs but as an endless provider of unconditional love and devotion. If taken care well, he will live a healthy and happy life besides you!

How to keep dogs from raiding garbage

Ever had the surprise of coming home after a hard day of work and find your garbage all over the house? Sure you did! It happens to all dog owners. Once you have left the house and he is free to do anything, his paws can’t get of the garbage and inspect what is his menu for the day.

The most important thing that you have to understand is that this garbage, although you know it is germ infected, for him it’s a free lunch. He doesn’t like to beg for his food all day long from you, and now that he is at liberty to choose anything he wants to eat without any effort, is a god sent! More than that, he can play with his food without you being there to shout “NO”, and that is a great joy for him.

You must understand he doesn’t do this to annoy you, or to get back at you for sometimes being too strict with him. It’s just his nature: he sees food, he eats is and even plays with it. It’s not a big deal for him. When you get home and yell at him, he doesn’t really understand what the problem is, because he is a DOG, a rationament including the question is excluded!

What to do in this situation? Just be the adult in this situation and keep the garbage out of his reach. It’s quiet simple, and the only reason you haven’t already done that is because you don’t want to change anything because of a dog. Well, you should give up the stubbornness and take the garbage out of his reach!

There are a lot of methods of not changing very much the place of the garbage and still keep it out of reach. You can put a lock on the cabinet where you put it, put the trash can above something, where the dog can’t jump to it, or just throw it out when you leave the house!

Keeping your dog from raiding garbage is not as hard as you might think; it’s actually up to you! This is the simplest method and you even save money by not sending your dog to a fancy expensive training school. You can keep in mind this type of method, because sometimes your dog is not the only one that should change.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Should I use a shock collar?

More and more articles bring up the idea that we shouldn’t waste our time trying to train our dogs and use shock collars instead. Why should we spend time on them? Wouldn’t it be great to have a well behaved dog, not to knock-up the trash cans or run after the mail man? It takes just a “zip” and the dog will know he has made a mistake and he will go to his corner, right?

Well, let’s talk this out… if you don’t mind your dog to get zapped until his brain won’t know what he is allowed to do, feel free to use the shock collar. He can do tricks easier and learn them faster, but this way he will turn into your robot. Do this! Zap!!! Don’t do that! Zap!!! Is that what you had in mind when you were thinking about getting a dog?

The first thing you should consider when thinking about using a shock collar is that your dog, no matter how many cats he has chased after, is still a living being with a sensitive side. This method, even though it is recommended by some trainers, can make a gap between you and your companion. He won’t feel the same love and affection that you give when training him in the old-fashion way!

Before taking this decision, just read some articles about how shock training can be replaced with normal exercises. The first benefit is that from the start you and your dog will create a bond. Another one is that he can receive your love when he does something right… and even a treat! If he does not listen to you at first and he keeps ripping the newspaper, the smoothest way to let him know he has done a bad thing is to ignore him – you and the rest of the family. Dogs need the attention and when it is taken away from him, he will get hurt and try not to do what upset you.

Even the name gives me a bad feeling and so I would rather spend some days training my dog, then to shock him and get it over with in 2 days! I love my dog and wouldn’t let him suffer for my lack of time… would you? Shock collar is not the way to go!

The Japanese Chin

Also known as the Japanese Spaniel, this small dog is a lovely and playful companion. Perfect for the apartment, he finds in small spaces the comfort he needs and doesn’t bark to complain about it. Although energetic, the Japanese Chin acts gracefully and is sophisticated, giving his master the time to relax and feel calm when at home.

Intelligent and affectionate, this dog is known to be very loving with his master and with children, but reserved when surrounded by strangers or unknown places. Although he loves children, it is best to teach the little ones to be nice and gentle with your pet because he is sensitive and every act of aggression can harm his feelings. Besides humans, the Japanese Chin gets along with other animals too, because of his kind and pacifistic manner.

If you want a smart dog that would learn fast and easily, then the Japanese Chin is the perfect pet – he has a mind of his own, maybe sometimes making him a little stubborn, but he never does something without thinking. This will make you love him more and bring him to the center of attention, and don’t think he will mind it - not at all!

This breed is not a barker; he likes to be elegant and gentle in every move, so he will give very little problems in taking care of him. Also, house training is actually easy because he has a way of wanting to be clean most of the time, so you will not spend a lot of time and stress to teach him to behave. He loves the attention so he will be glad to let you teach him many tricks and then perform them for you, to get treats and applauses.

The Japanese Chin is a great dog for the apartment: loving, caring and sensitive; he will get joy in only pleasing you! He doesn’t ask for more; he doesn’t need a lot of outgoings to bother you in those cold mornings but he likes to take eventual walks to shake his puffy tail down the street. He’s gorgeous – why shouldn’t he be glad of his aspect and pleased when other dogs drool at him and kids stop to stroke him? Sounds like the kind of attention you like to have when you go out and get all dressed up. He will also love to be groomed so be sure you do this as well!

Playing Frisbee With Your Dog

Training your dog to play Frisbee can be a both-way win. You and your dog go out in the park and play with the disk, you both feel great, it creates a bond between you and it’s real clean fun: fresh air, refreshing grass smell and lots of laughs.

If your dog is energetic, like most dogs are, one way of relieving him of extra spunk is playing Frisbee. This will take his energy (formerly used in devastating your home) and make him use it by running after small animals or even the mailman, or simply running around without a reason. When this energy will be directed in a positive action, you will be more pleased and so he will get more attention and gratitude from you. He will feel better in this situation. Concerning you, playing Frisbee will bring a stronger bond with your dog. You will also feel happier and even more energetic. And I must say: the extra exercise never hurts.

Training your dog to play Frisbee is a multiple step program. First you can start in the house with the training. For the dog to direct his attention to the disc you can put his food in it. Remember to take it away from him after eating because you don’t want it to become a chewing toy! The next step is to throw the Frisbee around the house but on short distances so that it will capture the dog’s attention. Then get outside and act like you’re playing fetch with him and tell him to bring it back.

After he gets the idea, just throw the Frisbee up, not very high though, and tell him to jump for it. He might not get it at first but if you insist on this, he will eventually want to get it. Don’t be frustrated if your dog does not learn to get the disc very fast. You must encourage him and when there is a progress praise him and give him treats!

The final step is when you go to the park with him and show off your new trick. The skills of jumping for the disc and fetching will be then combined and your dog will know exactly what playing Frisbee means. This activity is merely having fun and enjoying life with your pet, so don’t get too caught up in your daily program and miss on all these activities!

The Brussels Griffon

Small, fluffy fur from the neck up and short down, cute little tail – sounds like a curious animal. This is one way of describing the Brussels Griffon, a loving and very energetic dog that will always give you the opportunity to have a play companion.

This breed resembles the terrier because of his constant energy to play, jump, run and chew different objects in the house that seem to him like interesting toys. Because of his size, he makes a wonderful apartment pet and a devoted companion for his temperament. He is loyal and intelligent, with a strong and feisty personality that makes him simply adorable. Just think how cute he is, so small and puffy, thinking he is a great animal ready at any time to protect his master even from a lid!

Having this personality, they tend to love everyone and they end up being the centre of attention, but the Brussels Griffons sometimes are moody because they think so highly of themselves or their masters spoil them. They show their intelligence by learning quite easily tricks and being curious about everything in their reach. Be sure that if you have this dog, he will know the house better than you, always sniffing around. Also, if something is wrong, he will be the first to know it and alarm you about it. This makes him a pretty good watchdog!

He loves the attention so usually he will become spoiled, and if you don’t have the time to do so, he will suffer because he is sensitive. This breed feels best surrounded by family and will always be happy to play with kids. He even gets along with other animals like cats, living in some cases in perfect harmony with them! Not many dogs make these compromises just to be loved by their masters; and he even doesn’t feel pressured to act like this, it’s just his nature.

Nick – named “monkey-face” because of his appearance resembling a human face, the Brussels Griffon can be a wonderful pet if he is taught right so that he behaves and calms down when he overdoes it, to do funny tricks in exchange. If you are careful about his temperament, he won’t be too spoiled and acts as you like, don’t be too controlling because he has a strong personality, and eventually pout.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Appropriate food for pedigree dogs

Like humans, dogs need the right type of food to be healthy and look good; if their nutrition is not a balanced one and they don’t have access to the necessary ingredients, they will feel weakened or at least their aspect will deteriorate in time. It’s up to you to be careful about what you are feeding your dog, so that he can live a long and healthy life!

Managing to give your pet the proper nutrition is a great achievement, but if you want to have a pedigree dig – that is more complicated. These kinds of dogs need better food than average dogs because their structure is more demanding, so you should get informed about what your dog needs to eat in order to be in the best shape possible.

The main ingredient that your dog needs (and of course loves) is meat, then come vegetables and grains. Most dog foods also contain fillings that sometimes are the main ingredient, and that is not a good thing for you pedigree dog because these fillings are low on nutritious ingredients and so they will degrade his system and appearance. As types of meat, you can choose from chicken, lamb, beef and pork (not too much pork because it is less healthy than the other types).
One thing you should be considering is the “by-product” aspect; this refers to meat and if you see such a marking on a can of dog food, like “chicken by-product”, it means your dog should get real chicken meat. Unfortunately, most dog foods are labeled with “meat by-product”, meaning that you don’t know what kind of meat your dog eats; it can be road kill or other animal meat that is not healthy for him. So next time you buy him food, read carefully the label!

Another aspect is whether canned dog food is better than dry food. Studies show that canned food is better because fewer preservatives are used, and it has fewer fillings than dry food, making it safer and even more delicious to your pedigree dog. For your dog to receive the best kind of food, try to choose the premium dog foods rather than the ones in stores because these types of food are especially made to have the best ingredients.

In order to have a healthy dog - a beautiful pedigree canine, you have to take care of his needs, feed him the best food and always remember to consult your vet, to not make rush and bad decisions about his care.

Dog Friendly Hotels

When tired from the daily stress, you feel like you need a vacation from it all. So you make plans where to go, hotels, even think about what restaurants to go to in that relaxing location. But wait… what about the dog? You don’t want to let him with a friend or a relative that maybe won’t love him as much as you do, or the reason is just that you want to let him take part of the fun and relaxation. There is problem though… where will he be staying? The hotel you were planning to go does not allow any pets at all.

When in this situation, you can go to dog friendly hotels where you can share your room with you lovely companion without any problems. These hotels are keen on receiving guest whether they walk on two feet or four paws. Your dog will receive the same attention like you, making his life a little easier and yours more relaxed because you don’t have to worry about complains from others – they’re all dog lovers.

I have been to such a hotel with my dog Spike and we ere both very thrilled about the conditions. After helping me with the bags, the bell boy left me his phone number to call if I needed him to walk the dog, or to take him to a grooming shop. I was amazed by his kindness because I could see that he was talking with true dog love to Spike or when referring to him. We got a beautiful room with a king size bed, a big yard outside where my companion could play or run around with other dogs that stayed at our hotel.

In the three days that we stayed there, I did take the bell boy’s offer and let him take Spike to a grooming shop because I wanted to rest. When I woke up, I saw my pet shinning with joy, proud of his new appearance – he seemed to be very well taken care of.

When we had to leave, the manager offered us a souvenir: a bag with a nicely decorated bowl filled with doggy treats and a new leash with the hotel’s name on it. We both had a great time and even had a special program for Spike. This allowed me to not take care of him every moment.

I think that you should give a chance to these hotels and spend a wonderful time with your pet, stress free and pampering awaits you!

Dog behavior training with the tether

Your dog is often agitated and loud, chews everything in sight and masters the couch letting no one else to sit on it? I think it’s time for some behavior training! A dog is usually energetic, especially when he lives with you in an apartment; things will have to change, for your sake and his. There are a lot of training programs, some that you can do at home or some that require sending your pet to a training school.

If you decide to take measures in your own hands, one of the training techniques you can apply is the tether training. Simply attach the tether to your dog’s color at one end and the other to a heavy peace of furniture or something that can hold him still. The tether should be 2 to 3 feet long and made of cable wire wrapped with plastic, so that your dog won’t be able to chew through it. You shouldn’t use chains or other strong materials for the tether so that the dog doesn’t feel trapped.

The point of this training program is that the dog has to get used to sitting in one place, quietly and peacefully and also be near to you, without getting any special attention. You can put him in the living room, the kitchen or where you usually sit to relax, watch TV or read a book and let him be near you as long as you relax. By doing this, he will get used to not being the centre of attention and behaving in the house.

At first use tether training for 10 minutes then longer, staying in the same room with him. Make this into a habit and not a punishment! Your dog has to enjoy this training so put a chewing toy next to him and praise him when he is calm; also give him treats so that he knows this is the way he should act. If at first he barks or gets agitated when tethered, get out of the room ignoring this misbehaving; return only when he has calmed down and give him a treat.

This technique is only to be used when you are home, or else the dog will get more nervous and have a set back. It is also important to be in the same room with him because you can supervise him this way and still spend quality time with him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dog Agility Training

Most dogs usually have a lot of energy and when the border of being cute has been passed, their energy can bother you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – that he is energetic – but it should be channeled in a good way. This is where dog agility training comes in and gives your dog a chance to do something productive with his need to play.

Agility training consists in a program that makes your dog go through an obstacle filled yard. There are all kinds of obstacles that besides helping to channel your dog’s energy in a healthy way, they train them to do interesting tricks and listen more to their master. His attention has to be linked to you during this training because you can only guide him through the obstacles using only body language and your voice.

Dogs that do well in this training can participate in Agility Courses and eventually win prizes. Now that is a great way for your dog to thank you for your care and love and also to actually feel good about being active!

Here are some examples of obstacles used in agility training:
  • A-Frame – a two wood platform obstacle shaped as the letter A, which has at its ends painted usually in yellow that the contesting dogs have to reach when ascending or descending
  • The tunnel – a 10 to 20 feet tube, usually very flexible through which the dog has to run and don’t stop at any time; this helps him not to be afraid of closed spaces
  • Jump / Hurdle – two upright poles holding horizontal bars that the dog has to jump over. The height is adjustable to the breed and size of the dogs
Of course there are more to these in agility training programs, and each school has different varieties of exercises adding, removing or changing obstacles. What is great about this kind of training is that your loving dog will put most part of his energy in this activity and will give you the necessary relaxation time. He will be more obedient dog, one that besides tricks can learn to help around the house or even take care of the kids.

It’s wonderful to have a competing dog or even a prize-winning one! Give your dog a chance to have this practice – who knows? Maybe he has a true talent and will be famous!

What do I do if my dog is aggressive?

Having a dog is joy in one’s home and it should be a source of tranquility for the whole family. This is usually the case, but some dogs tend to be strangely loud, agitated and tend to attack other small animals. It’s the case of aggressive dogs, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly!

Dogs that become aggressive usually start by showing different symptoms before getting to a state when even his master would be afraid to be around him. Some such symptoms are barking very much, growling when someone gets near his food, various attacks on cats or other small animals or even escapes from home for long periods of time. If you see some of these symptoms in your dog’s behavior, get used to the idea that he might have a problem, and if you don’t want to lose him eventually, you should act to resolve this problem!

First thing you should know is that when you see this problem, you should go to the veterinarian and seek for his professional opinion. More to this, here are some tricks from some aggression treating programs, which hopefully with the giddiness of your vet will help your companion. The main thing to do is to make sure you are the only provider of his every aspect in life: only you will feed him, play with him, give affection to; you can as far as being the only person that gives him any attention! When he will realize that he depends on you for everything, he should be getting very attached to you and of course should give in a little because now there is no one else to turn to.

When this stage is reached, you should try to get him to do what you say, such as firstly to sit, stay or fetch and then go for the DON’Ts like don’t sit on the couch. After his every progress you should give him a reward – affection or treats – because this is how he will understand he is doing something good; also, don’t hesitate to act mad at him when he acts aggressive.

If your dog doesn’t cooperate with you, you should consult a professional animal behaviorist that knows the training techniques and will help you companion to become as once loving and playful. Aggressiveness is a serious problem among dogs and you shouldn’t take it lightly, so please see your vet when your dog acts strangely for his and yours sake!

The hottest dog accessories

Having a dog nowadays has gone beyond the need of a companion to play with, and more a fashion trend. It’s not enough for you to be gorgeous - your doggy has to look his best, too! And how do I make my doggy fashionable – you ask? It’s actually easy you know; just take a peak at on-line stores for dogs and there you’ll see one accessory more glamorous than the other!

So darlings, we’ll start up with the classical bows that now have to be made from the best materials like velvet, satin or gingham – all top performance. After all, he deserves the best from you because he has the same needs like you, to be admired when walking on the street, maybe even to find a mate! These bows come in all the colors in the world: those that match your pets’ eyes or fur, those that shine at night or refined ones. All you have to do is pick out the ones that will make him bark with joy.

For those that live for the sparkle, there are Swarovski Crystal Barrettes that will surely make you and your pet noticed in a crowd or on the street window shopping. Of course, you can put these crystals on anything your doggy’s heart desires: maybe on the color or the leash or even he can wear a hot Swarovski bracelet specially made for his paw.

Any fashion diva knows that the coolest dogs should have trademark carriers when not in the arms of their masters. No self respecting doggy travels in plastic boxes, now but in comfort and having a great treat at paw anytime. Speaking of which, treats should be eaten in plain plastic bowls but ceramic or expensive porcelain shaped in funny or classy feeders, as his heart desires! My personal favorite is the paw print feeder shaped like a Victorian table – classy and still has an animal touch.

Whether it’s summer or winter, your dog can wear hats or even clothing made by designers or no-names, either way this will surely let him dress every day in a different outfit lit his master; you can even buy him the same outfit as yours and then wait an see the views you’ll get when walking down the street!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Affenpinscher Facts

When you see an affenpinscher for the first time you would rather say it's more like a cat than a dog. It's weight varies from 6 to 9-10 pounds(that's 3-4 kg) and it's height is aproximately 10-11 inches (which is 25-30 cm), and the Affenpinscher has a rough and thick coat and monkey-like expresiveness(you could've guessed even from the first part of the name because Affe means monkey in the German language)

Considering the Affenpinscher's colour, black seems to be the all-around acceptance for it but there are plenty of clubs that accept red gray with the black hair mixed or even silver/tan as breed colours.

The Affenpinscher's activity level is way up high so it may require a lot of training in order to teach him the rules of the house and of the family. This is mainly because he may get bored fast if you don't ensure he has a varied training session. This may lead to the owner saying the dog is stubborn but in fact the affenpinschers tend to think independently like their terrier forebears.

It is not recommended as a guard dog but they excel at being watch dogs. Unfortunatelly this means they are also very teritorial when it comes to their toys or food so if you have small children in the family it is best to consider another breed from the pinscher-schnauzer family.

The history of the affenpinscher is very interesting dating back to the first man who bred one in Lubeck, Germany in the 1600's. As their size grew smaller they became pets for the ladies who had problems with mice in their homes and also for families who liked a show once in a while (because of their active personality affens tend to offer such a show to anyone giving them any kind of interest...they throw toys in the air for long periods of time or sit on their hind legs with the front paws lifted in the air just like any monkey you see in the zoo).

Grooming one of these dogs is really easy since it doesn't take a lot of your time and if you are patient and persistent then your little monkey dog can attend shows and competitions in no time and with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

So if you would like a dog who is alert, inquisitive and with great loyalty towards it's master, small but fearless toward any agressor even if it's a bigger one than itself then the affenpinscher is the best adition to your family.

Walk Your Own Dog

It’s a busy day: kids have to be ready for school, your spouse doesn’t know where the car keys are and traffic is already jamming up! And then… the dog has to go for a walk! It’s one of those days when you just want some things to be done by someone else, just a helping hand once in a while. I know there are agencies that walk dogs and so give you more time to do something else, to get up in the morning half an hour later. It sounds appealing, right?

Well, just think about why you got a dog in the first place. You knew the responsibilities that came with that cute ball of fur. I mean you took a commitment with him, it’s not all about the fun, affection and unconditional love he gives you every day of the week; no vacation for him! It is about taking him to a vet, grooming him, playing with him, giving back attention and love, and eventually getting up in the morning to take him out for a walk.

It seems like a drag doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we call someone at a dog walking agency and get rid of this burden? Well, it shouldn’t be a burden for you as it’s not a burden for him to play with the kids, be your best bud and even take care of you when you have a disability. Walking your dog is not all about his physical needs, but also to go out and get fresh air, see the trees or run after squirrels! Should he be entitled to get this along with his best friend? Yes. And that best friend is you.

Bonding with your pet is necessary for you too. Think about this: isn’t it nice when you get to relax in the park and get to see what he likes to do every day? He is an excellent jogging partner because he loves to run at least as much as you like it!

It would be a shame to lose this quality time with your dog, and so miss out on all the fun he can bring you. In time this can lead to drifting apart, because he won’t feel your love when he is leashed along with other dogs by a stranger, regardless of his needs and feelings. So walk your own dog! I know I’ll try to… Also, take a look at the picture above! Do you want your dog to be among them? This is how dog agencies walk your dog, together with many others!

The Toy Fox Terrier

The American Toy Terrier or the Toy Fox Terrier can be a very nice apartment pet because of his small size and little demands. As already known, small dogs usually overcome their size with their temperament and energy, always wanting to play with their master and entertaining him by jumping around or chasing anything that can bounce.

Short tail, skinny legs and pointed ears, this dog immediately amuses you and makes you feel his excitement to be alive and free to enjoy every thing. His short hair makes it easy to be taken care of because you don’t have to worry about brushing him or spending the day picking up the fur off the carpet so that the kids won’t get sick.

Although small, this dog has a tough temperament because he considers he is actually big and imposing, always trying to remind everyone and everything of his capacities. Bright, curious and very energetic, the Toy Fox Terrier always tries to show off his youth and agile abilities whether it’s about running from a corner of the room to another, or chewing the life out of wrapping paper.

Affectionate and very loving, the Toy Fox Terrier keeps his ancestor’s skills to protect his master, so he tends to hunt or even fight small animals. His character is not violent but more protective, making him a good companion for those who have hearing or sight problems. The Toy Fox Terrier can be easily trained to help challenged people because of his excellent hearing, being able to lead his master to the source of sound, like the telephone. He proves to be a very intelligent dog and a helpful companion; more to this, he is joyful and constantly tries to catch one’s attention. Like every pet, he needs affection and caring, but goes through life more as a giver than a taker!

The Toy Fox Terrier is a great pet for people who need extra energy in the house and love playful dogs! He doesn’t complain about the space, he doesn’t leave hair all over the house, more than that: he helps you feel better and in some cases can be your eyes or ears! If you’re not convinced yet about this dog, just think about this: how cute would its puppies be if the adult is so small and energetic?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Groom your Dog

Fancy restaurants, shopping for fashionable clothing, hair dresser or barber shops – we’ve all been there, pampering ourselves to minimize the daily stress. A nice manicure, a new pair of shoes or a new hair style is brightening up your day, doesn’t it? Well, if it suites you, why should your pet miss out on all that after a long day of relaxing you or playing with the kids when you’re too tired to do that?

Your pet needs pampering too, you know! Nowadays there are a lot of grooming shops for your dog, which have the sole purpose of treating him as royalty, with the finest styling programs. When entering such a saloon, your dog is taken by a member of the staff in order to prepare him for the treatments. Rest assured, all employees are animal lovers so besides getting a better look, your pet will also receive affection and attention.

First comes the brushing, to get rid of all that nasty excess hair and surely your pet won’t mind the extra time to be brushed even more than at home. After this, a stress free bath is necessary and then you can choose a hair style for him from a catalog suitable for each breed, or you can come up with one yourself and have a unique dog! Bows and sparkles, curls or punk style – your dog can have a new image in minutes and like you, will feel more pleased when walking down the street!

It’s time for the manicure, better known for doggies as nail trimming. No more bad nails that urge your pet to ravish everything in the house; he will feel calmer and spend that time playing! Now, don’t you want to get rid of your dog’s bad breath? In the grooming shop this is possible and besides fresher breath, your companion will be bacteria free, too!

Besides this pampering, your dog can receive, if requested, a massage, special dog cakes or skin treatments. After all this, your pet will be very pleased to be living a doggy life, happier to play or to catch the Frisbee in the park! What you should know is that grooming is not only about styling; it is also important for your dog’s health, and nothing makes his fur shinier than a healthy skin.

Friday, October 19, 2007

English Toy Spaniel

Small, cute black button nose, long fluffy fur… does it ring any bells? That’s one way of describing the English Toy Spaniel, a lovable small size dog that loves the attentions and also likes to give you the inner warmth you need from an animal companion.

The English Toy Spaniel comes from a royal breed that once was available to the wealthy, its actions are elegant and gentle and its temperament is joyful and playful but still sensitive. Social with people and other dogs, but still sometimes timid, the English Toy Spaniel is a dog that requires attentions but is easy to take care of.

This dog is great with children, ever being open to playing and entertaining you when you are down. If you want a watch dog, you can find one in it, but this breed is usually considered be better as a companion. This is why it will be very comfortable in an apartment, doing quite well without a yard to run around on. What you should be attentive with is its known habit to be picky about the food, but once you’ve found out its favorite type of food, it will be shaking its little furry tail all day long.

Brushing its fur is one of the activities that the English Toy Spaniel will surely enjoy, and more than that, you or your kids will too. Pamper it and besides giving joy to your pet, you become calmer and more relaxed, releasing the daily stress. You feel better when you come home and nobody is there but your lovely pet is shaking its tail being glad to see you home at last!
Another good thing about the English Toy Spaniel is that it can live longer than other pets, accompanying you a rather long period of your life – either the pet is for the kids, or for you, when you are retired and have the necessary time to take care of it properly.

So far, the English Toy Spaniel seems to be a perfect pet to keep in the apartment. He is not messy, not loud, funny and sentimental – it can give you and your family the warmth that you have always wanted from a quiet but loving companion. Next time you have to decide what kind of pet you want to get, keep in mind the English Toy Spaniel and its cute black button nose!

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