Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dog fashion: Stylish Warm Dog Clothing?

If you are a true dog lover and have a dog in your house, especially a companion breed (those cute little fluffy ones- although there are some that are hairless) then you must have checked at least once on the Internet for some clothes for your little loved ones.

The rise in popularity of dog clothing, not only driven by celebrities like Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton and a host of others basking in the limelight, showcasing their pets to the paparazzi, much the same way as the affluent mothers of well dressed children of years gone by, but by the functionality and protection it provides for our pals. There are critics that say that this “new industry” is just another scam, as dogs don’t really care about what they wear, nor do they need clothes.

Modern dogs do not have to endure the ravages of nature as they did back in the days of wolf packs or even colonial times. Our pet dogs have become accustom to the same environment we enjoy. Even the professionals agree that because domesticated dogs physiology has evolved and adjusted to human environmental standards, they need extra protection from the cold as much as their human counterparts. This applies especially to popular smaller”lap dogs” and the “teacup” breeds with fine coats. They need protection from the colder temperatures, particularly the vulnerable under belly of the dog. So whether some like it or not, clothes for dogs are a necessary evil.

So yeah, one might ask himself why his little Fido needs a wizard’s hat and a cape for Halloween, or a biker’s outfit and well….at this point he might be correct. If the clothes for our little pals have their practical purpose in winter, this trend of dressing your dog with every occasion is somewhat useless, and maybe the only point where the critics are somewhat right. I mean a dog does not really know that he is supposed to be rebellious biker, or a powerful wizard or whatever. But the fact is we also enjoy seeing them dressed like no other dog is, to spoil them as by doing so we kind of spoil ourselves and keep up with the celebrities that are the ones that actually start “this year’s” trend in canine fashion.

To sum it all up, I should say that if while keeping your dog protected by the cold outside you also manage to make him look stylish with the latest hits in dog clothing rather than the usual piece of clothing you use, then it’s nothing wrong with that.

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