Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coping with Dog Car Sickness

Some of you might know that car sickness in dogs can be a real problem as some do show excessive drooling, eliminating, vomiting and all can lead to quite a messy problem. To make it even worse, if the dog is showing often car sickness you will even have problems taking him to the local veterinarian and we do not want this to happen. Well, if your dog shows car sickness, here is what you can do.

The first step stands in getting your dog used to the car. For some days all you need to do is feed him in the car. Every time he eats take him to the car on a leash while carrying his dog food with you and put the dog and the food in the car while leaving the door open. When he gets comfortable with eating in the car start taking him out at other times and just put him in the car, once again with the door open. Start the car and let it run a little. After that just turn it off. When the dog is in the car make sure that you praise him and pat him. Give him some special treats as well if you have them!

Now you will want to shut the door while the dog is in the car and get into the front seat. Drive the car up and down your driveway and if you notice that the dog is doing well without showing stress you can try a short drive around your home. Do many short drives, driving a little longer each time and every single time that you get him to the car you should praise him with hugs and pets while showing love and attention. Your dog will like that and start getting more and more used with the car.

Make sure that you take your dog to special places that he enjoys like a pet store or a dog park. Take the dog to various places that he will enjoy. If all this does not work you should consult a vet and get some special drugs on prescription if necessary.

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