Sunday, December 7, 2008

Campeiro Bulldog - Brazilian Bulldog Dog Breed

The Campeiro Bulldog dog breed (also known as Brazilian Bulldog) first appeared round the 16th Century. We are talking about a rare dog breed that was very popular in Brazil, especially in cattle raising. These dogs were used to actually capture wild or lost cattle.

The Brazilian Bulldog is very powerful and has a very strong constitution. He is agile and has a lot more strength than you might think. We are talking about a courageous dog that is really loyal and quite docile with your family. The Campeiro Bulldog is well known for its calmness and jealousy when thinking about the owner. The good news is that he is also submissive and you will not have temperament problems if he knows who the boss is.

This dog breed's coating is short and flat while featuring medium texture. Every single color is allowed by the dog kennel of choice. Even completely white dogs have been bred along the years. There is nor report to a full black one though.

Remember that the Campeiro Bulldog is rustic and does not really have a lot of common health problems. We are really talking about a breed that is strong and you should know that he is perfect for a company dog, even an apartment dog.


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