Monday, March 31, 2008

Dog Behavior School

… when your hear these words you think about something fancy, not necessary and not really for your average dog companion. Well, I was thinking just like you until I got as a present a tiny golden retriever pup. I love dogs and he was the perfect present and of course at that moment I didn’t think about my busy schedule and that I would not have so much time to spend with him. I just thought about how cute he is and that we will get along very well.

When the excitement faded away we had to come up with a solution on house training my little friend. I sincerely didn’t think that my life will change so much because of a dog by soon I discovered the need to “dog proof” my flat. It wasn’t so much about my things but more for him not to get hurt.

Although I thought this way, my mind was changed one day when I came home from work and finding my friend chewing on my designer shoes! I was stunned how that sweet little creature could ravage in such a matter my home!? It was then when I realized that he needed more attention from my side and discipline as well. “It’s a pity that you have to keep the dog inside like this” one of my friends said – but I won’t let him go!

I searched on some sites where pet owners give advices on how to manage with you companion and your professional life and I understood that it’s best for both of us to get Puffy (that’s his name) to a dog behavior school where professionals can take care of him and teach him how to behave in the household properly. It’s not like you’re giving up on him as I feared, but you really show how much you care about your bundle of joy and give him the opportunity to be among other dogs, learn to socialize and also understand what a house is all about.

In this era of internet and speed of information we are trapped in a ravaging cycle of agendas and if we want to keep our personal life we have to come with a solution. I found the solution to take care of my companion while I’m gone having a career. But when I’m back he’s not sad because he feels left out but happy about he’s day at this very good dog behavior school.

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