Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Pharaoh Hound - Dog Breed

Agile, with elegant and harmonious moves, this cunning hunter with an incredible keen sense of smell is being grown nowadays almost exclusively in UK.

Structurally speaking he is being built like a Cirneco (Sicilian hunting dog), but somewhat bigger, with a lengthened head and a stop almost unseen, his muzzle looks like a cone. His eyes are yellowish, ovals, with a mine that expresses attention. The ears are big and thin, straightened up and his coat is made out off a short, shiny, smooth hair, always with a copper like color, with or without reddish spots, eventually with white spots on the chest, paws and tail.

The origins of the Pharaoh’s Hound, similar to that of the Cineco of Edna (the Sicilian hound) can be traced back to the hounds of the Ancient Egypt whose bodies where found mummified by the archeologists. The breed was registered at the British Kennel Club that recognized its Maltese nationality, because apparently the first exemplars that arrived in England in 1920 came from Malta and Gozo. The breed had been officially recognized in 1977.

Proud and with an independent spirit, it is more caring and playful than other greyhounds because it was selected for company therefore his sociability in relation with humans had priority. He is intelligent, agile and very careful at everything that surrounds him.

Being a country side dog, robust, it does not need special grooming, but it is affected by low temperatures.

He can accommodate very well to living in an apartment, but he needs and must be given the possibility to run freely at least once a week.

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