Friday, August 15, 2008

Akita Dog Breed Facts

The Akita dog breed is characterized as a very devoted and dignified race. It is quite powerful and protective and is perfect as a watchdog. The dog's temperament is independent and even strong willed although training is possible even if a little difficult. We are talking about a dog that loves to play in a colder climate even if his exercise needs are not that high. Akita dogs sometimes can be aggressive towards other dogs and smaller animals. The good news is that this dog breed is usually perfect with children inside a house. Keep in mind that they can become protective if other children are around and strangers approach the kid. Akita dogs can be difficult to train and due to its headstrong personality we recommend that you only take one in if you have some experience as a dog owner. It is not a cuddly dog but is loyal and can become destructive if he gets bored.

Talking about how the Akita Dog looks like you need to know that it comes at a height between 24 nd 28 inches and weighs around 80 pounds. Akita has a straight and harsh coat combined with a denser undercoat. Several colors are available including white, silver, brindle, red and fawn. Blazes or masks are sometimes present although not characteristic for all Akita dogs. There is not a need for for constant grooming although weekly care is recommended and the dog can be quite a heavy seasonal shedder. If you have allergies you should look after another dog breed. Grooming the Akita dog needs to be done once per week so that the coating stays of high quality. Extra grooming is recommended during the seasonal shedding moments mentioned above.

Akita dogs should live around 10 to 13 years and as any dog breed it can have some health problems that you should look out for. We can basically talk about cancer, lupus, thyroid related problems, luxating patella, skin conditions, autoimmune problems, vWD and PRA.

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