Monday, August 18, 2008

Cavalier King Charles Dog Breed

The Cavalier King Charles dog breed can be characterized as a small Spaniel that is highly popular among pet owners and even breeders. It is just 30 cm high and weighs around 5 to 8 kg but any Cavalier King Charles owner will tell you that although small in size we are talking about a dog that is big in heart. In fact, this dog breed is one that is perfect for any individual that gets attached to pets as he/she will get attached to you as well. It can easily be trained and is known to be intelligent. The only thing that the Cavalier King Charles really hate is not having contact with humans or other pets during the day as this does make him/her sad so do not leave your small dog alone.

The Cavalier King Charles has its origins in hunting dogs. This basically means that the pet will love to run in the wild. We recommend holding him in a leash at all times when going for walks and you might want to know that some individuals will use the breed for hunting trips. Cavalier King Charles is characterized by four silky coating colours: tan with black, Blenheim, three coloured or ruby. This dog breed is also easy to spot due to a long tail and ears and a muzzle of conical shape combined with a flat skull.

Cavalier King Charles is a dog breed that is prone to develop some health problems. You should pay attention to back problems, infections around the eyes and ears, syringomelia and hearing problems. Pay attention to the pet’s weight as he/she will immediately put on pounds if you feed the dog too much and there is a necessity of exercise. We recommend that the owner owns a yard although it is not compulsory for it to be big. The life expectancy of the Cavalier King Charles is between 9 and 14 years and all depends on the evolution of its health.

Keep in mind that you must be ready to care for your Cavalier King Charles, just as you would with a child. He will not be happy if you do not pay enough attention and ever since this dog breed appeared there has been a very strong connection between the pet and the owner. We are talking about a very beautiful dog that looks at everyone as a friend and is very gentle.

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