Monday, February 13, 2012

Bearded Collie Dogs

The Bearded Collie is a lovely long hair canine and actually the Bearded Collie is a working dog. It's strong and of medium size with a lean physique that's long. We see a head that's broad and large. With a small muzzle that's strong. The nostril is a function that's square and great. The eyes are in tone with the dog's coat and broad set setting the face right into a pleasant over all look. The ears are lined in hair and set near the face. Their mouth has large teeth that ought to meet in a scissor bite. Their tail is carried low, and, until they are comfortable or excited blends effectively with their coat. They have a double coat that is shaggy and waterproof; this covers their entire body, this consists of their chin and this is the place they get their name. This is in all probability the dog's main visible feature. Their coat adjustments a number of times before you get the principle color with your older dog. Colors are blue, black, brown, fawn, all with or without white markings.

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