Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Dog To Take To Competitions - Afghan Hound

With the looks of a glamor mannequin, and the physique of an athlete, the Afghan Hound Dog Breed is an instantly recognizable canine breed. These tall, smooth sight hounds can stand as excessive as 29 inches at the shoulder, and might weigh between 44 to fifty nine pounds. Their trademark long, silky coat can be any coloration, although white markings aren't permitted. Another frequent, attribute is a black facemask, whereas some canine even have an extended Manchu-like moustache, called a 'mandarin'. As the name suggests, the breed originated in Afghanistan the place they have been used for searching small game. They have been originally introduced to the west in the nineteenth century, however by the tip of the First World Struggle had all however disappeared. The canine we all know at the moment just about all descend from a bunch imported to Scotland in the 1920's. These canines shortly became star performers at many dog shows, and soon gained recognition from the kennel clubs in all major English-speaking countries.

Despite its appearance the Afghan has much in widespread with the wolf, is carefully associated to the unique home dogs, and is taken into account an historical dog breed.

The Afghan temperament is a perfect match for its fashionable looks. They are known to be aloof, stand-offish, and have even been described as 'snobbish'. They are intelligent canines, however with a stubbornness that makes them a problem to train.

Some even describe their temperament as cat-like, in their ability to completely disregard you. Put it this fashion, an Afghan will obey if he sees a very good reason to, otherwise he just gained't.

However they're still great pets, and could be surprisingly loving with those near them. With strangers although, they'll hold their distance, until you've got earned their belief and respect.

Like most different sight hound breeds, the Afghan might be fairly lazy. They get pleasure from nothing more than curling up on the sofa for a very good nap, and usually see no purpose to exert themselves.

As soon as they get ouside though, you'll see a different aspect to the dog. All of a sudden, the looking instinct kicks in and so they'll monitor and chase any small animal they see.

Despite its restricted gene pool, the Afghan is a surprisingly wholesome dog. They suffer from few of the problems that usually afflict purebreds. They're however susceptible to eye diseases, with cataracts a specific problem.

Should you had been thinking that the luxuriant coat requires a whole lot of work, you'd be right. The Afghan is a high maintenance dog that should be brushed daily. In addition you'll must to have the hair trimmed recurrently to ensure that it to keep its shape.

The Afghan could also be a hunting dog, but that does not mean it enjoys living outdoors. These dogs much prefer sleeping on a comfy couch than in a kennel. Moreover, the canine's coat might look spectacular, but it really offers very little protection in cold weather.

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