Saturday, November 3, 2007

Boston Terrier Facts

The little but strong Boston terrier is considered to be a part of the utility dogs group. Initially raised for running competitions, they were used later in dog fights as well but now they are mostly bred for companionship.

Not being a dog with big issues considering food it should be watched anyway because one of this breed’s tendencies is to become greedy. Therefore diet should be measured and not very rich. If you give in to his demands being an intelligent breed they will ask for more and more seeing the demands are being satisfied.

As a small history, in 1865 a coach driver started breeding different types of dogs and from one such breeding came out Hope’s Judge. Judge being a cross between white English Terrier and an English Bulldog, he became one of the forefathers of the Boston terrier. They started gaining popularity in 1889.

The breed measures from 10 to 24 lbs and stand between 15 to 17 inches tall. They have a small compact frame, well proportioned with short tails, erect ears and a short muzzle. As for colors white should cover the chest, around the neck and halfway up the legs. Due to the resemblance of its colors to the formal wear and the gentle characteristics of its personality another name for the Boston terrier is also the “American gentleman”.

Considering they were bred for fighting and then trained as house pets and companions you should always keep in mind that the ancestry might surface if another big dog trespasses on the dog’s territory and violent fights might occur. But a typical Boston terrier should be gentle, expressive, alert and well-mannered. Bostons enjoy being around people and with training they do get along with children, other dogs or even other non-canine pets.

As training goes Boston terriers are very sensible to voice tones and they learn new things easily and with pleasure. They do not need a lot of exercise the regular walks or playing inside a pen being enough. Its short fur doesn’t take too long to care for, it doesn’t require bathing unless needed. The face should be wiped daily and the eyes taken care of as well, ears too.

With a lifespan averaging around thirteen years, Boston terriers should have an easy life concerning health issues. One of the problems occurring is the extreme temperatures combined with excessive exercises. Having a short snout they tend to have problems in extreme conditions.

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