Monday, November 5, 2007

Pomeranian Dog Facts

Well, as soon as you hear Pomeranian you should think of a fox-like rabbit meaning a wedge-shaped head and tiny pointed erect ears that resemble those of a fox. Also, the Pomeranian is a toy-dog breed because of its size, measuring 3 to 7 lb (1.4 to 3 kg). The American Kennel Club recognizes only the dogs that are cubby, meaning they are as tall as they are wide. If you can’t understand try to picture the dog inside a square or inside a circle, meaning the Pomeranian should be a balanced dog which fits together logically and in proportion.

The main thing that stands out in a Pomeranian is its coat, being its pride and glory. The American Kennel Club is recognizing well over thirteen colors or color combination ranging from black, black & tan, blue, blue & tan, chocolate all the way to orange, red, red sable, and sable.

As a small history, the Pomeranians originated from the sled dogs of northern Lapland and they were brought into Europe in Pomerania. At first the breeders concentrated their attention only on improving the coat and training the dogs for city living and not paying too much attention on the size. But when the breed reached English breeder hands, with the help of trial and error experiments and also Mendelean theories, it didn’t take long for it to reach the current size. The Pomeranians started gaining popularity with the high nobility only when Queen Charlotte and her granddaughter Victoria returned from a vacation from Italy with one little dog called Marco which was from the Pomeranian family.

Considering the shape of the dog a lot of people consider the Pomeranian intelligent and also has an alert character but they also behave accordingly. They do need a lot of attention and at times they can be quite stubborn. Even though at times they seem to think they are bigger then in reality and don’t back out of a challenge of attacking a bigger dog they definitely don’t make good guard dogs but considering their active personality and loud bark they make for a perfect watch dog.
Also, if you are considering getting your Pomeranian in shape and groomed you should realize that like all the other toy breeds they tend to have a problem with bad teeth and also you should take care of its coat on a weekly basis. But most importantly being a loyal dog they tend to follow the master from room to room therefore they do need extensive training in order not to meddle around people’s feet because they can be stepped on with ease and being such a tiny dog they get injured easily.

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