Monday, November 5, 2007

Puppy Toilet Training

In every dog owner’s life comes a period when you have to toilet train your dog. Most people like to have their dog from their first days of his life because they are very cute in these moments. It’s best to start training your pup as soon as you can because the sooner he learns, less problems he will create.

It’s best to know something about your doggy’s needs to help you train him. Puppies want to eliminate after the usual activities: sleeping, playing, eating and drinking. This usually occurs after 30 minutes so you should be on the lookout! They usually need to eliminate every 3-4 hours at first but after he gets older his organism will get more controlling.

They key to making him “go” where you want him to, is giving him treats and praising him. First you have to be attentive to his signs of wanting to eliminate: circling, sniffing the floor, sneaking off and heading for the door. This is when you have to take him as fast as you can to the spot where you want him to eliminate. If you don’t get to him as fast as you should, take him anyway there to finish. It is important to take him to the same spot every time so that he gets familiar.
Don’t get angry when he eliminates in the house because he will then hide from you when he wants to go and that is not a progress. Your behavior will be considered by him as punishment and the last thing you want is him to fear you. He needs to be in loving and protective environment, to feel like a member of family and fearing you can even turn into shyness and then aggressiveness!

For each good step give him a treat and praise him gradually until he goes by himself and eliminates there. You need patience and consideration for the pup because if you don’t, he won’t be able to learn and will eliminate wherever he wants. Expect mishaps because he is like a baby now, he’s not really controlling his body and doesn’t know good from wrong. With your help he will get the idea and you will have a well trained dog. Think of your puppy as a child that has to learn everything and you are the one that has to show him how things stand in the house.

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