Sunday, November 4, 2007

German Shepherd Dog Facts

The Alsatian (also know as the German Shepherd Dog) is a very popular breed of dog, being highly intelligent, agile and used to working environments. Their work may consist of various activities from police duties to guarding or even finding corpses. Therapy treatments use them as well as the military. So, as I’ve said a well rounded dog with plenty of abilities to tap into. This is proven by the fact that in America they are shown to be the third most popular breed families adopt (according to a 2006 American Kennel Club study). Besides working they make lovable pets and also loyal companions. Even though they might need socialization, while young they are the most receptive breed to obedience trials.

As a bonus German Shepherd is the most widely used dog breed in a ton of works concerning scent or based on scent. Among these you can find dogs working in explosive detection, narcotics, search and rescue.

As personality traits this breed has a few standards set in place: it should be fearless but never hostile, always poised and having an air of self-confidence surrounding it. Its willingness to serve must always be seen when the need arises. Considering it is used by blind people to lead them, used as a watchdog or even as a herding dog it should always know what its job is and complete it thoroughly.

The breed’s height is between 22 and 26 inches and the desired proportion between length and height should be 10 to 8 halves. Now as color goes there are a few accepted with black and tan being spread more among the dog breed. White is accepted as well but harder to find and most of the kennel clubs consider the dogs as a separate breed. The coat can be worn short or long and the life expectancy of a dog of this breed is around 15 years.

The original title of the breed was the German Shepherd but after the World War I Anti-German sentiment were so high that in order for these dogs to gain popularity in England they were renamed to GSD or Alsatians.

Very common with most of the large breeds, elbow and hip dysplasia is present in the German Shepherd as well. Other common problems may be a few skin allergies or teeth problems. You should also watch for eye problems or even ear problems.

Among the mediated dogs you should all remember Rin-Tin-Tin from the 1920’ to 1930’ and also Kommissar Rex from the Austrian TV series.

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