Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fun Dog Activities

A dog isn’t called man’s best friend for nothing. Even from infancy we start playing with other kids without even needing an introduction and we call them best friends. Same goes for human – dog relationships. It shouldn’t matter what breed of dog you have, all that matters is that you want to have some fun with it. The main question is why should I actually play with my dog? Actually the question is why not? Tests have shown that the greater the range of activities you do with your dog the more chances that dog will be happy and the family happier too. Also, these activities tend to teach the dog proper manners in a certain situation and an owner how to better communicate with his mutt. Considering this, it should reduce the chances of a dog being abandoned by its family because of bad behavior or misunderstood commands.

Now a fun activity may consist of you and your dog entering a competition and trying to win it or it may consist of taking him with you on your routine relaxation tours.

As competitiveness goes there are a few sports you are able to do with your dog like: dog agility, which is a sport where the owner must lead and direct the dog through a series of obstacles in a certain amount of time. This is a very good way of testing what the dog learned in the early stages of his training; yet another sport is obedience in which the dog is put through a series of commands to show how good he can master them. Unlike the agility course here we have no obstacles unless we count the problems in owner to dog communication skills. Other fun type of activities can be Frisbee, fly ball or herding (if you’re an outdoors kind of guy).

Now that we’ve seen what you can officially do with your dog let’s look at the unofficial list which includes: taking your dog with you on the long walks through the park, taking it with you while going camping or in any outdoor area; the simple game of fetch… it gives a dog a terrific sense of usefulness when an owner says “good boy” for bringing the stick back. Try taking your dog in a dog park and let him socialize with the other dogs which should make your dog feel more fulfilled and not so lonely.

There are a lot of activities you can do with a dog, the main thing is to make the time for it.

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