Thursday, October 25, 2007

Playing Frisbee With Your Dog

Training your dog to play Frisbee can be a both-way win. You and your dog go out in the park and play with the disk, you both feel great, it creates a bond between you and it’s real clean fun: fresh air, refreshing grass smell and lots of laughs.

If your dog is energetic, like most dogs are, one way of relieving him of extra spunk is playing Frisbee. This will take his energy (formerly used in devastating your home) and make him use it by running after small animals or even the mailman, or simply running around without a reason. When this energy will be directed in a positive action, you will be more pleased and so he will get more attention and gratitude from you. He will feel better in this situation. Concerning you, playing Frisbee will bring a stronger bond with your dog. You will also feel happier and even more energetic. And I must say: the extra exercise never hurts.

Training your dog to play Frisbee is a multiple step program. First you can start in the house with the training. For the dog to direct his attention to the disc you can put his food in it. Remember to take it away from him after eating because you don’t want it to become a chewing toy! The next step is to throw the Frisbee around the house but on short distances so that it will capture the dog’s attention. Then get outside and act like you’re playing fetch with him and tell him to bring it back.

After he gets the idea, just throw the Frisbee up, not very high though, and tell him to jump for it. He might not get it at first but if you insist on this, he will eventually want to get it. Don’t be frustrated if your dog does not learn to get the disc very fast. You must encourage him and when there is a progress praise him and give him treats!

The final step is when you go to the park with him and show off your new trick. The skills of jumping for the disc and fetching will be then combined and your dog will know exactly what playing Frisbee means. This activity is merely having fun and enjoying life with your pet, so don’t get too caught up in your daily program and miss on all these activities!

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