Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog behavior training with the tether

Your dog is often agitated and loud, chews everything in sight and masters the couch letting no one else to sit on it? I think it’s time for some behavior training! A dog is usually energetic, especially when he lives with you in an apartment; things will have to change, for your sake and his. There are a lot of training programs, some that you can do at home or some that require sending your pet to a training school.

If you decide to take measures in your own hands, one of the training techniques you can apply is the tether training. Simply attach the tether to your dog’s color at one end and the other to a heavy peace of furniture or something that can hold him still. The tether should be 2 to 3 feet long and made of cable wire wrapped with plastic, so that your dog won’t be able to chew through it. You shouldn’t use chains or other strong materials for the tether so that the dog doesn’t feel trapped.

The point of this training program is that the dog has to get used to sitting in one place, quietly and peacefully and also be near to you, without getting any special attention. You can put him in the living room, the kitchen or where you usually sit to relax, watch TV or read a book and let him be near you as long as you relax. By doing this, he will get used to not being the centre of attention and behaving in the house.

At first use tether training for 10 minutes then longer, staying in the same room with him. Make this into a habit and not a punishment! Your dog has to enjoy this training so put a chewing toy next to him and praise him when he is calm; also give him treats so that he knows this is the way he should act. If at first he barks or gets agitated when tethered, get out of the room ignoring this misbehaving; return only when he has calmed down and give him a treat.

This technique is only to be used when you are home, or else the dog will get more nervous and have a set back. It is also important to be in the same room with him because you can supervise him this way and still spend quality time with him.

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