Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The hottest dog accessories

Having a dog nowadays has gone beyond the need of a companion to play with, and more a fashion trend. It’s not enough for you to be gorgeous - your doggy has to look his best, too! And how do I make my doggy fashionable – you ask? It’s actually easy you know; just take a peak at on-line stores for dogs and there you’ll see one accessory more glamorous than the other!

So darlings, we’ll start up with the classical bows that now have to be made from the best materials like velvet, satin or gingham – all top performance. After all, he deserves the best from you because he has the same needs like you, to be admired when walking on the street, maybe even to find a mate! These bows come in all the colors in the world: those that match your pets’ eyes or fur, those that shine at night or refined ones. All you have to do is pick out the ones that will make him bark with joy.

For those that live for the sparkle, there are Swarovski Crystal Barrettes that will surely make you and your pet noticed in a crowd or on the street window shopping. Of course, you can put these crystals on anything your doggy’s heart desires: maybe on the color or the leash or even he can wear a hot Swarovski bracelet specially made for his paw.

Any fashion diva knows that the coolest dogs should have trademark carriers when not in the arms of their masters. No self respecting doggy travels in plastic boxes, now but in comfort and having a great treat at paw anytime. Speaking of which, treats should be eaten in plain plastic bowls but ceramic or expensive porcelain shaped in funny or classy feeders, as his heart desires! My personal favorite is the paw print feeder shaped like a Victorian table – classy and still has an animal touch.

Whether it’s summer or winter, your dog can wear hats or even clothing made by designers or no-names, either way this will surely let him dress every day in a different outfit lit his master; you can even buy him the same outfit as yours and then wait an see the views you’ll get when walking down the street!

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