Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Appropriate food for pedigree dogs

Like humans, dogs need the right type of food to be healthy and look good; if their nutrition is not a balanced one and they don’t have access to the necessary ingredients, they will feel weakened or at least their aspect will deteriorate in time. It’s up to you to be careful about what you are feeding your dog, so that he can live a long and healthy life!

Managing to give your pet the proper nutrition is a great achievement, but if you want to have a pedigree dig – that is more complicated. These kinds of dogs need better food than average dogs because their structure is more demanding, so you should get informed about what your dog needs to eat in order to be in the best shape possible.

The main ingredient that your dog needs (and of course loves) is meat, then come vegetables and grains. Most dog foods also contain fillings that sometimes are the main ingredient, and that is not a good thing for you pedigree dog because these fillings are low on nutritious ingredients and so they will degrade his system and appearance. As types of meat, you can choose from chicken, lamb, beef and pork (not too much pork because it is less healthy than the other types).
One thing you should be considering is the “by-product” aspect; this refers to meat and if you see such a marking on a can of dog food, like “chicken by-product”, it means your dog should get real chicken meat. Unfortunately, most dog foods are labeled with “meat by-product”, meaning that you don’t know what kind of meat your dog eats; it can be road kill or other animal meat that is not healthy for him. So next time you buy him food, read carefully the label!

Another aspect is whether canned dog food is better than dry food. Studies show that canned food is better because fewer preservatives are used, and it has fewer fillings than dry food, making it safer and even more delicious to your pedigree dog. For your dog to receive the best kind of food, try to choose the premium dog foods rather than the ones in stores because these types of food are especially made to have the best ingredients.

In order to have a healthy dog - a beautiful pedigree canine, you have to take care of his needs, feed him the best food and always remember to consult your vet, to not make rush and bad decisions about his care.

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