Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dog safety for children

Having a pet is most of the times a joy and everyone in the house should act like this. Those who usually don’t know how to behave when in front of a dog are small children. This is where you come in and teach them what to do.

Teach your child to be gentle with the family dog because this will be one of the lessons that will set his personality for all of his life. If he loves animals and learns how to behave, the child will also be kind with other people when getting to know them. You may want to try first with a toy, because your dog’s feelings could get hurt if you practice on him and the child is rough at first. Teach him to be gentle and strike the toy animal nicely, and not to pull his fur, ears or tail – as children often do with animals at first.

When your child becomes fond of playing with the little furry friend, arrange an encounter with the family dog. Let this action be a smooth one by not rushing both of them. Let the dog to approach the child gently and sniff him, to get used to his new smell. This often leads to the dog’s feeling of safety and will act friendly with the child. Usually at this point the two of them would get along well because the child already knows not to hurt the animal and play nice with it, and at the same time, the dog will be kind to the kid.

As time will pass, the two of them will get more and more closer because the bond between a dog and a child is stronger than with an adult, children tend to be more loving and in their seek to have a best friend, they find in the family dog the most loyal being.

Let your child learn one of most valuable lessons of his life: to be kind and gentle to animals. This will give our society a kinder person and maybe by educating out offsrings to be animal lovers, there will be eventually no more people that hurt animals. It’s nice to see a boy with his dog isn’t it? Well… give him the chance to do so and teach him dog safety!

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