Sunday, October 21, 2007

Groom your Dog

Fancy restaurants, shopping for fashionable clothing, hair dresser or barber shops – we’ve all been there, pampering ourselves to minimize the daily stress. A nice manicure, a new pair of shoes or a new hair style is brightening up your day, doesn’t it? Well, if it suites you, why should your pet miss out on all that after a long day of relaxing you or playing with the kids when you’re too tired to do that?

Your pet needs pampering too, you know! Nowadays there are a lot of grooming shops for your dog, which have the sole purpose of treating him as royalty, with the finest styling programs. When entering such a saloon, your dog is taken by a member of the staff in order to prepare him for the treatments. Rest assured, all employees are animal lovers so besides getting a better look, your pet will also receive affection and attention.

First comes the brushing, to get rid of all that nasty excess hair and surely your pet won’t mind the extra time to be brushed even more than at home. After this, a stress free bath is necessary and then you can choose a hair style for him from a catalog suitable for each breed, or you can come up with one yourself and have a unique dog! Bows and sparkles, curls or punk style – your dog can have a new image in minutes and like you, will feel more pleased when walking down the street!

It’s time for the manicure, better known for doggies as nail trimming. No more bad nails that urge your pet to ravish everything in the house; he will feel calmer and spend that time playing! Now, don’t you want to get rid of your dog’s bad breath? In the grooming shop this is possible and besides fresher breath, your companion will be bacteria free, too!

Besides this pampering, your dog can receive, if requested, a massage, special dog cakes or skin treatments. After all this, your pet will be very pleased to be living a doggy life, happier to play or to catch the Frisbee in the park! What you should know is that grooming is not only about styling; it is also important for your dog’s health, and nothing makes his fur shinier than a healthy skin.

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