Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Brussels Griffon

Small, fluffy fur from the neck up and short down, cute little tail – sounds like a curious animal. This is one way of describing the Brussels Griffon, a loving and very energetic dog that will always give you the opportunity to have a play companion.

This breed resembles the terrier because of his constant energy to play, jump, run and chew different objects in the house that seem to him like interesting toys. Because of his size, he makes a wonderful apartment pet and a devoted companion for his temperament. He is loyal and intelligent, with a strong and feisty personality that makes him simply adorable. Just think how cute he is, so small and puffy, thinking he is a great animal ready at any time to protect his master even from a lid!

Having this personality, they tend to love everyone and they end up being the centre of attention, but the Brussels Griffons sometimes are moody because they think so highly of themselves or their masters spoil them. They show their intelligence by learning quite easily tricks and being curious about everything in their reach. Be sure that if you have this dog, he will know the house better than you, always sniffing around. Also, if something is wrong, he will be the first to know it and alarm you about it. This makes him a pretty good watchdog!

He loves the attention so usually he will become spoiled, and if you don’t have the time to do so, he will suffer because he is sensitive. This breed feels best surrounded by family and will always be happy to play with kids. He even gets along with other animals like cats, living in some cases in perfect harmony with them! Not many dogs make these compromises just to be loved by their masters; and he even doesn’t feel pressured to act like this, it’s just his nature.

Nick – named “monkey-face” because of his appearance resembling a human face, the Brussels Griffon can be a wonderful pet if he is taught right so that he behaves and calms down when he overdoes it, to do funny tricks in exchange. If you are careful about his temperament, he won’t be too spoiled and acts as you like, don’t be too controlling because he has a strong personality, and eventually pout.

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and I thought there were no such thing as an ugly puppy. (Gasp)