Monday, October 22, 2007

Walk Your Own Dog

It’s a busy day: kids have to be ready for school, your spouse doesn’t know where the car keys are and traffic is already jamming up! And then… the dog has to go for a walk! It’s one of those days when you just want some things to be done by someone else, just a helping hand once in a while. I know there are agencies that walk dogs and so give you more time to do something else, to get up in the morning half an hour later. It sounds appealing, right?

Well, just think about why you got a dog in the first place. You knew the responsibilities that came with that cute ball of fur. I mean you took a commitment with him, it’s not all about the fun, affection and unconditional love he gives you every day of the week; no vacation for him! It is about taking him to a vet, grooming him, playing with him, giving back attention and love, and eventually getting up in the morning to take him out for a walk.

It seems like a drag doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we call someone at a dog walking agency and get rid of this burden? Well, it shouldn’t be a burden for you as it’s not a burden for him to play with the kids, be your best bud and even take care of you when you have a disability. Walking your dog is not all about his physical needs, but also to go out and get fresh air, see the trees or run after squirrels! Should he be entitled to get this along with his best friend? Yes. And that best friend is you.

Bonding with your pet is necessary for you too. Think about this: isn’t it nice when you get to relax in the park and get to see what he likes to do every day? He is an excellent jogging partner because he loves to run at least as much as you like it!

It would be a shame to lose this quality time with your dog, and so miss out on all the fun he can bring you. In time this can lead to drifting apart, because he won’t feel your love when he is leashed along with other dogs by a stranger, regardless of his needs and feelings. So walk your own dog! I know I’ll try to… Also, take a look at the picture above! Do you want your dog to be among them? This is how dog agencies walk your dog, together with many others!

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