Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Japanese Chin

Also known as the Japanese Spaniel, this small dog is a lovely and playful companion. Perfect for the apartment, he finds in small spaces the comfort he needs and doesn’t bark to complain about it. Although energetic, the Japanese Chin acts gracefully and is sophisticated, giving his master the time to relax and feel calm when at home.

Intelligent and affectionate, this dog is known to be very loving with his master and with children, but reserved when surrounded by strangers or unknown places. Although he loves children, it is best to teach the little ones to be nice and gentle with your pet because he is sensitive and every act of aggression can harm his feelings. Besides humans, the Japanese Chin gets along with other animals too, because of his kind and pacifistic manner.

If you want a smart dog that would learn fast and easily, then the Japanese Chin is the perfect pet – he has a mind of his own, maybe sometimes making him a little stubborn, but he never does something without thinking. This will make you love him more and bring him to the center of attention, and don’t think he will mind it - not at all!

This breed is not a barker; he likes to be elegant and gentle in every move, so he will give very little problems in taking care of him. Also, house training is actually easy because he has a way of wanting to be clean most of the time, so you will not spend a lot of time and stress to teach him to behave. He loves the attention so he will be glad to let you teach him many tricks and then perform them for you, to get treats and applauses.

The Japanese Chin is a great dog for the apartment: loving, caring and sensitive; he will get joy in only pleasing you! He doesn’t ask for more; he doesn’t need a lot of outgoings to bother you in those cold mornings but he likes to take eventual walks to shake his puffy tail down the street. He’s gorgeous – why shouldn’t he be glad of his aspect and pleased when other dogs drool at him and kids stop to stroke him? Sounds like the kind of attention you like to have when you go out and get all dressed up. He will also love to be groomed so be sure you do this as well!

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I love my chin! said...

I have to agree, I have a chin and he is absolutly amazing. He is very loyal and playful at times. He is very clean, I bathe mine about once a month so as not to dry out his skin. He is fairly quite and is very friendly. He gets along with children well as long as they are gentle with him as well as other anmials. He has very soft long fur which does require a combing. Although he does how the short nose he only snores occasionally, he usually sleeps at my feet and I am a very light sleeper, he snores occasionally, it usually seems like he does more after he has had a long day. I could go on and on, he is a fantastic dog.