Monday, October 22, 2007

The Toy Fox Terrier

The American Toy Terrier or the Toy Fox Terrier can be a very nice apartment pet because of his small size and little demands. As already known, small dogs usually overcome their size with their temperament and energy, always wanting to play with their master and entertaining him by jumping around or chasing anything that can bounce.

Short tail, skinny legs and pointed ears, this dog immediately amuses you and makes you feel his excitement to be alive and free to enjoy every thing. His short hair makes it easy to be taken care of because you don’t have to worry about brushing him or spending the day picking up the fur off the carpet so that the kids won’t get sick.

Although small, this dog has a tough temperament because he considers he is actually big and imposing, always trying to remind everyone and everything of his capacities. Bright, curious and very energetic, the Toy Fox Terrier always tries to show off his youth and agile abilities whether it’s about running from a corner of the room to another, or chewing the life out of wrapping paper.

Affectionate and very loving, the Toy Fox Terrier keeps his ancestor’s skills to protect his master, so he tends to hunt or even fight small animals. His character is not violent but more protective, making him a good companion for those who have hearing or sight problems. The Toy Fox Terrier can be easily trained to help challenged people because of his excellent hearing, being able to lead his master to the source of sound, like the telephone. He proves to be a very intelligent dog and a helpful companion; more to this, he is joyful and constantly tries to catch one’s attention. Like every pet, he needs affection and caring, but goes through life more as a giver than a taker!

The Toy Fox Terrier is a great pet for people who need extra energy in the house and love playful dogs! He doesn’t complain about the space, he doesn’t leave hair all over the house, more than that: he helps you feel better and in some cases can be your eyes or ears! If you’re not convinced yet about this dog, just think about this: how cute would its puppies be if the adult is so small and energetic?


Anonymous said...

I guess all toy fox terriers are male and so are the owners. Someone needs to remember that females exist.

Teri said...

Wow, someone's a little obsessed with being PC. I'm a woman and like fair representation, but I'm over the whole "he or she" requirement in writing. Who cares if a person sticks to one pronoun. I'm pretty sure the writer wasn't implying anything.

Teri said...

Wow, someone is a little obsessed with being PC. I'm a woman, and I think it's important for fair representation, but I'm over the whole "he or she" writing requirement. I don't think it should be offensive for a writer to just pick one pronoun and stick with it for an entire piece. Plus I'm pretty sure "he or she" didn't mean to offend anyone.