Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to keep dogs from raiding garbage

Ever had the surprise of coming home after a hard day of work and find your garbage all over the house? Sure you did! It happens to all dog owners. Once you have left the house and he is free to do anything, his paws can’t get of the garbage and inspect what is his menu for the day.

The most important thing that you have to understand is that this garbage, although you know it is germ infected, for him it’s a free lunch. He doesn’t like to beg for his food all day long from you, and now that he is at liberty to choose anything he wants to eat without any effort, is a god sent! More than that, he can play with his food without you being there to shout “NO”, and that is a great joy for him.

You must understand he doesn’t do this to annoy you, or to get back at you for sometimes being too strict with him. It’s just his nature: he sees food, he eats is and even plays with it. It’s not a big deal for him. When you get home and yell at him, he doesn’t really understand what the problem is, because he is a DOG, a rationament including the question is excluded!

What to do in this situation? Just be the adult in this situation and keep the garbage out of his reach. It’s quiet simple, and the only reason you haven’t already done that is because you don’t want to change anything because of a dog. Well, you should give up the stubbornness and take the garbage out of his reach!

There are a lot of methods of not changing very much the place of the garbage and still keep it out of reach. You can put a lock on the cabinet where you put it, put the trash can above something, where the dog can’t jump to it, or just throw it out when you leave the house!

Keeping your dog from raiding garbage is not as hard as you might think; it’s actually up to you! This is the simplest method and you even save money by not sending your dog to a fancy expensive training school. You can keep in mind this type of method, because sometimes your dog is not the only one that should change.

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