Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dog Agility Training

Most dogs usually have a lot of energy and when the border of being cute has been passed, their energy can bother you. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – that he is energetic – but it should be channeled in a good way. This is where dog agility training comes in and gives your dog a chance to do something productive with his need to play.

Agility training consists in a program that makes your dog go through an obstacle filled yard. There are all kinds of obstacles that besides helping to channel your dog’s energy in a healthy way, they train them to do interesting tricks and listen more to their master. His attention has to be linked to you during this training because you can only guide him through the obstacles using only body language and your voice.

Dogs that do well in this training can participate in Agility Courses and eventually win prizes. Now that is a great way for your dog to thank you for your care and love and also to actually feel good about being active!

Here are some examples of obstacles used in agility training:
  • A-Frame – a two wood platform obstacle shaped as the letter A, which has at its ends painted usually in yellow that the contesting dogs have to reach when ascending or descending
  • The tunnel – a 10 to 20 feet tube, usually very flexible through which the dog has to run and don’t stop at any time; this helps him not to be afraid of closed spaces
  • Jump / Hurdle – two upright poles holding horizontal bars that the dog has to jump over. The height is adjustable to the breed and size of the dogs
Of course there are more to these in agility training programs, and each school has different varieties of exercises adding, removing or changing obstacles. What is great about this kind of training is that your loving dog will put most part of his energy in this activity and will give you the necessary relaxation time. He will be more obedient dog, one that besides tricks can learn to help around the house or even take care of the kids.

It’s wonderful to have a competing dog or even a prize-winning one! Give your dog a chance to have this practice – who knows? Maybe he has a true talent and will be famous!

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