Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dog allergies

Like humans, our sweet companions have reactions to certain substances making their life a bit difficult. Your dog doesn’t understand the fact that he is allergic to something or more than that, to avoid what makes his ill. It’s up to you to help him and give him a better combination of food, one that doesn’t make him allergic or in some cases clear the air.

Allergies in dogs are present as itching, making your pet to scratch and even bite himself to get relief. In powerful allergies dogs will deteriorate his fur and so will have places where he is bold. Aside from the aspect, his health is deteriorating as well because he feels uncomfortable and his desire to play and run around will be replaced with the constant itching.

Treating these allergies depends on what kind of dogs they are. Generally warm and frequent baths can do the trick and clear the dog’s skin of those particles that make him itch. Use shampoo with that contains eucalyptus and aloe Vera to calm it down. Natural cures are better than chemical ones because he can get rashes from these. You can give your dog medicines prescribed by the vet – they usually work – but not a lot because liver problems will appear. That is not an option!

Some dogs tend to have allergies from pollen, mold or household dust. Frequent vacuuming and dusting where the dog stays usually is a good option to help him. Other canines have allergy to flea saliva causing a lot of itching. The best solution is getting rid of those pests - grooming and a lot of bath will do the trick. It’s also safer for you and your family to have a flea free house. They can also cause you discomfort or some illnesses.

If it’s about the food he is eating, try different types of food that contain various substances and then wait for each a few days and see your dog’s reaction. When he will itch some types of dog food, eliminate it and try something else. After a while you will sure find what he is not allergic, try to feed him only that to help him be healthy.

Your dog will be more joyful and glad to get rid of that nasty itching! Taking care of your companion is not only a responsibility to him, but to you too because your dog is an important source of love in your home!

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