Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dog Friendly Hotels

When tired from the daily stress, you feel like you need a vacation from it all. So you make plans where to go, hotels, even think about what restaurants to go to in that relaxing location. But wait… what about the dog? You don’t want to let him with a friend or a relative that maybe won’t love him as much as you do, or the reason is just that you want to let him take part of the fun and relaxation. There is problem though… where will he be staying? The hotel you were planning to go does not allow any pets at all.

When in this situation, you can go to dog friendly hotels where you can share your room with you lovely companion without any problems. These hotels are keen on receiving guest whether they walk on two feet or four paws. Your dog will receive the same attention like you, making his life a little easier and yours more relaxed because you don’t have to worry about complains from others – they’re all dog lovers.

I have been to such a hotel with my dog Spike and we ere both very thrilled about the conditions. After helping me with the bags, the bell boy left me his phone number to call if I needed him to walk the dog, or to take him to a grooming shop. I was amazed by his kindness because I could see that he was talking with true dog love to Spike or when referring to him. We got a beautiful room with a king size bed, a big yard outside where my companion could play or run around with other dogs that stayed at our hotel.

In the three days that we stayed there, I did take the bell boy’s offer and let him take Spike to a grooming shop because I wanted to rest. When I woke up, I saw my pet shinning with joy, proud of his new appearance – he seemed to be very well taken care of.

When we had to leave, the manager offered us a souvenir: a bag with a nicely decorated bowl filled with doggy treats and a new leash with the hotel’s name on it. We both had a great time and even had a special program for Spike. This allowed me to not take care of him every moment.

I think that you should give a chance to these hotels and spend a wonderful time with your pet, stress free and pampering awaits you!

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