Friday, October 19, 2007

English Toy Spaniel

Small, cute black button nose, long fluffy fur… does it ring any bells? That’s one way of describing the English Toy Spaniel, a lovable small size dog that loves the attentions and also likes to give you the inner warmth you need from an animal companion.

The English Toy Spaniel comes from a royal breed that once was available to the wealthy, its actions are elegant and gentle and its temperament is joyful and playful but still sensitive. Social with people and other dogs, but still sometimes timid, the English Toy Spaniel is a dog that requires attentions but is easy to take care of.

This dog is great with children, ever being open to playing and entertaining you when you are down. If you want a watch dog, you can find one in it, but this breed is usually considered be better as a companion. This is why it will be very comfortable in an apartment, doing quite well without a yard to run around on. What you should be attentive with is its known habit to be picky about the food, but once you’ve found out its favorite type of food, it will be shaking its little furry tail all day long.

Brushing its fur is one of the activities that the English Toy Spaniel will surely enjoy, and more than that, you or your kids will too. Pamper it and besides giving joy to your pet, you become calmer and more relaxed, releasing the daily stress. You feel better when you come home and nobody is there but your lovely pet is shaking its tail being glad to see you home at last!
Another good thing about the English Toy Spaniel is that it can live longer than other pets, accompanying you a rather long period of your life – either the pet is for the kids, or for you, when you are retired and have the necessary time to take care of it properly.

So far, the English Toy Spaniel seems to be a perfect pet to keep in the apartment. He is not messy, not loud, funny and sentimental – it can give you and your family the warmth that you have always wanted from a quiet but loving companion. Next time you have to decide what kind of pet you want to get, keep in mind the English Toy Spaniel and its cute black button nose!

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