Monday, October 29, 2007

Shy Dogs

The problem with shy dogs is that in time, their depression turns into aggressiveness. It would be a shame to let this joyful animal become anti-social. It’s up to you to help him get shyness out of his system, to prevent aggressiveness and make him become the wonderful pet he is able to be!

Shy behavior can be recognized by simply looking at your dog: ears laid back, starring eyes, tail down between the legs and of course avoiding strangers. What is the cause of being shy? Well, unfortunally most people think that it’s because of the dogs being abused but studies show that these cases represent only a small part of the number of k9s that suffer from shyness. Most of the cases of shy dogs are caused by genetics or learning a shy behavior from their parents.

The good news is that this behavior can be treated, with hard work from you. You must put a lot of time and patience for your dog and his health. There are many programs that you can apply. One of the most effective is one that involves another friend. Go in the room where the dog is most used to and let your friend sit down next to the dog, but not very close to him, and put in his hand a treat for the pet. The friend has to not have direct eye contact with dog during holding the treat. He will eventually take the food and surely step back a little. He will know that your friend can give him something good and will have faith in him.

Put another treat in your friend’s hand and only after the dog has taken the food and touched his hand, your friend can make eye contact. In all this time you must be present in the room to give your companion a secure feeling but don’t take him in your arms if he shows insecurity. Do this program with other friends of all ages and genders so that the dog will become more used to being next to apparently strangers. Reward your dog for every small good step, because his overcoming of shyness is a long process.

Make time for your dog to help him be healthier because only then the joy can really spark in your home!

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